HelmetRoyale.io Game

Jump into a fun fast-paced called HelmetRoyale.io and see how many kills you can pick up! This is another and it features the helmet concept character. All players are dressed as brutal fighters armed with a helmet on their heads. You must enter the arena and make your way through lots of areas finding boxes and destroying them to loot items. You should find better weapons and use them to dish out more damage to other players. If you kill enemies, they will drop all the loot they have, and your job is to collect them all to make yourself even stronger. If you are running low on health or shield, you can use medkit and shield cell or battery to recover it. Like other , you should play HelmetRoyale.io free online with smart strategies if you want to triumph over all of your enemies. Have fun!

How to play

Perform your movement using WASD, click the left mouse to aim and fire. Use Shift or spacebar to avoid, use F to interact with items, use M/V/G to open the map.

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