Pixeledo Game

Pixeledo unblocked is an exclusive battle royale multiplayer game with turn-based gameplay and pixelated graphics. In Pixeledo free, you have to direct a character around a huge map trying to compete against various different monsters. You need to make use of special moves as well as strong weapons to deal damage to those monsters. Not only, but you also have to be aware of other players as they want to eliminate you from the arena. You should use every turn wisely to defeat those enemies. Maximize your movement as well as dish out even more damage to finish them off while avoiding the onslaught of bullets from them. Not all the fights are easy to conquer! The fight in Pixeledo game requires you to have good patience, unique moves, smart strategies, and excellent skills. You are fighting for the top rank on the leaderboard. Can you achieve it? Play and show off your skills now!

How to play

Use WASD for the movement or turning, use the spacebar to fire, use number keys 1-4 to choose a weapon, press Q to jump, use E for a diagonal jump, use ZXCV to choose a blueprint, use Shift to auto move, R to reset or clear the move, M to open the map, and N to open the options menu.

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