Game Online is a nice shooting and fighting game set in a blocky 2D arena that kind of looks like Minecraft. In this 2D Shooter Upgrades game, you make your way through a huge map in order to slay as many opponents as possible to improve the level of your character and of course, you will have to dig more resources as you explore the map. There are many resources you can collect, such as stone, wood, and dirt. They can be used to craft numerous objects or even create multiple buildings which will keep yourself safe from the enemy attacks. When you have done crafting some advanced tools, you use them to cope with the enemies and try to finish them off before they have a chance to attack you. will be such an amazing game to master as it combines features of Minecraft and fast-paced gameplay. Your goal here is to come out as the best player!

How to play

Move your character to explore the map using arrow keys or WASD. Attack enemies using the left mouse or spacebar. Press keys 1-4 to change weapons.

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